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Terms & Conditions

Revised — January 18th, 2019

This page concerns you as the purchaser and how your personal information are secured when ordering from and Playtype ApS. Read here also about payment methods, our pricing, and VAT charges. Finally, you also find info about shipping/delivery and our return policy, warranties force majeures and much more. We advise you to read this carefully before purchasing Playtype™ fonts.

Goods and services are sold by Playtype Aps under the following General Terms and Conditions of Business unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by Playtype Aps.


“Vendor” means Playtype Aps – “Purchaser” means the person, company or similar legal entity, who makes a purchase of Playtype font software or other goods from

“Goods” means the font software, accessories, garments or other products sold by Playtype.


These terms form part of any purchase of goods from Playtype Aps. They are displayed and agreed to on as part of the purchasing process online and sent to the Purchaser as a link. When purchasing directly from Playtype ApS and not on, they are sent as a separate document to the Purchaser’s e-mail as part of the purchasing process.


When placing an order for font software on, the purchaser agrees to comply with the Playtype EULA (End-User License Agreement). When placing an order for font software or through a consultant at Playtype ApS, compliance with the EULA and Terms & Conditions must be confirmed in writing or they will automatically apply when the payment transaction is made.


All purchases on must be paid by one of the available payment methods mentioned below. Purchases made directly from Playtype ApS or e-Types A/S will be invoiced directly to the Purchaser from Playtype ApS. When paying an invoice from Playtype ApS, the Purchaser agrees to comply with the Playtype EULA (End-User License Agreement) as well as the Playtype Terms & Conditions.

Payment Methods accepts payment by the credit or debit cards: MasterCard, VISA and AMEX issued both in Denmark and internationally. The money will be withdrawn from the purchaser’s account within one week from the transaction. furthermore accepts payments by PayPal. The money will be claimed within one week from the transaction.


All prices on are shown in EUR. Prices in the concept store are shown in DKK. VAT of 25 % is added to the prices according to Danish law. Companies residing within the EU may have the VAT refunded by their local tax authorities according to the procedures and regulations in the country in which they reside. Prices include credit card charges.


General Stripe terms apply. If the purchaser pays by credit card he will always be protected against fraud. The purchaser always has the opportunity to decline payment, when receiving the statement of account. The payment for your purchase will not be drawn from your account, until the font software has been downloaded from, and it is impossible to draw a larger amount from your account than the one, you have approved in your order.

For PayPal payments, general PayPal terms apply.

Protection of your personal data

Any personal information requested will be used only to process the purchaser’s order or provide support and information about new releases. Under no circumstances will your personal information be given away or sold to third parties. Playtype ApS is committed to protect the all personal data and extensive security measures and processes are taken to protect personal data from unauthorized access, use or exposure. When we transfer confidential information (e.g. a credit card number) via Internet, it is protected by encryption and the security protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer). never saves credit card numbers.

Read more on how we guard your privacy: Privacy Policy


If the fonts are downloaded digitally from, there is no shipping costs/time. The fonts are available for immediate download, and an email with links for licence confirmation, receipt, End User License Agreement as well as a link for future download will automatically be sent to the Purchaser and Licensee within a few hours. If the e-mail is not received within 24 hrs, please contact Playtype Support.

If fonts are purchased through Playtype ApS – and not from – the font software is manually sent to the Purchaser’s e-mail along with the End User Licence Agreement, a licence confirmation and the Playtype Terms & Conditions. Playtype ApS may charge a handling fee for processing and sending the order manually.

Return policy

It is not possible to return the font software purchased.

Right of cancellation

The purchaser cannot withdraw from a purchase once he has downloaded the font software. Playtype services start the instance downloading of font software from has commenced, and the right to reverse purchase is lost unless the items are defected. If this happens, please contact Playtype Support. If the items cannot be mended or substituted, the payment will be returned.

Limitation of Liability

Playtype ApS shall not be liable for any injury, damage, any direct or indirect financial or economic loss, loss of profits, legal costs or any other cost injury or damage whatsoever as the result of the use, installation, dispersion or communication of the goods supplied by Playtype ApS. Playtype is not liable for any viruses, bugs, errors, or similar.
Playtype ApS’ liability to pay any kind of damages under Danish law is in all circumstances limited to the price paid for the goods supplied.


Each of the parties warrants that it has the power to enter into this agreement and has obtained all necessary resolutions and approvals to do so.

Force Majeure

Playtype ApS shall not be liable for any failure to meet any obligation to the Vendor to the extent that such failure is caused by or arises from force majeure. Such failures shall not be regarded as a breach of contract whether they arise from natural causes or human agency. Force majeure is defined as: Any event or circumstance beyond the control of the vendor. Such events include, but are not limited to, strikes, shortage of materials or delays in manufacturing, riots, fire, floods, other natural disasters, war, breakdowns and loss or delay at sea.

Venue and choice of law

Playtype ApS is a company based in Denmark. Any dispute arising from the selling and purchasing of goods at, from the Playtype concept store, from e-Types’ or Playtypes’ consultants or from these terms and conditions shall be settled according to Danish law and at Playtype ApS’ venue in Denmark.


The website may contain links to other websites beyond our control. Playtype cannot take responsibility for any of the linked websites or their contents. We exclusively offer these links as additional information.

The contents of this website are the exclusive property of Playtype ApS.