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Using a font from Playtype requires a license. We offer different type of licenses, and this page serves as an overview of the different license, which should help you choose the correct license or licenses for your project or client.

The Playtype End User License Agreement (EULA) should always be read before purchasing a license or using Playtype fonts. The EULA provides the legal foundation for licensing Playtype fonts. Our licenses are covered in three main categories:

Desktop License

A “Desktop License” is granted for desktop use, meaning installation of the Font Software on desktops, laptops or workstations that use the Font Software for making printed publications for commercial distribution; newspaper, magazines etc., for producing static graphics for screen, incl. graphics for social media, and for broad corporate use.

Web-font License

Using our fonts on a website, intranet or web-based app requires a “Web-font License”. We offer two ways of licensing web-fonts: the self-hosted or hosted solution:

Web-font Self-hosting

With a Web-font Self-hosting License the fonts are hosted on web servers by the Licensee, and the Font Software should be stored and served securely from the same devices and location as the other software and assets associated with the domain names, which are covered by the license. The Licensee must take necessary precautions to prevent downloads of the font by unlicensed third parties. The use of third party font hosting services is strictly prohibited.

Web-font Hosted

With a Web-font License acquired through one of Playtype ApS’ web-font-hosting partners. The hosting partner will store and service the font ensuring browser optimization and protection of the fonts through server referrals, caching, pattern matching and obfuscation of the font files.

Application License

An “Application License” is an addition that permits the licensee embedding the font in applications which includes using Font Software to style live text in applications, including but not limited to; software applications, mobile applications built to run natively on mobile operating systems and console games. The font must be in a secure format in digital applications, which only allow the user to view the font. Under no circumstances are the users allowed to perform any kind of download, editing, altering, extracting or other modification of the font.

See the Playtype EULA for further clarification.