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North East

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Styles 18
Designer Jonas Hecksher

Introducing North East – An almost geometric, but not quite, sans serif typeface.

A utilitarian, multipurpose typeface suitable for an unlimited range of design applications, from flashy campaign work, trendy instagram mock-ups, flush streamlined UI and tiny unobtrusive legal text. With Neo-grotesque rationality, cohesive detailing and a nod to a geometric anatomy North East carries a bit of warmth and friendliness, making it feel more approachable and not as rigid as the classic neo-grotesque typefaces. Like a warm smile and a firm handshake. An energetic high five and an assuring nod. Coming in three different widths and a weight range going from an almost hairline Thin to a rich and voluminous Black, including corresponding italics, North East allows you to explore and build designs without ever longing for additional weights in your drop down menu. Even available as variable, which basically extends the options to infinity and beyond(well almost).

North East includes all the open type features you’ve come to expect from a well crafted contemporary typeface. With 20 different built in stylistic sets, the user can customize and alter the output, making this typeface even more versatile and adaptable to whatever scenario you’re looking to explore.

Text Implementations

Choose style: North East Thin

"Daniel hates acting."
But after a break, he would be seduced anew by a fascinating character, a compelling story, an exciting director.

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