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Style 1
Designer Jeppe Pendrup

Und - A contemporary type tribute to one of our favourite eras in music. ⁠While we love to travel time, continents and genres when it comes to what music is playing in the studio, we all share a strong affection for the Psychedelia genre that emerged in San Fransisco in the mid sixties. ⁠

Starting as a progressive grassroots musical exploration that strongly reflected the contemporary zeitgeist, the genre went on to influence some of the greatest bands of our time. But like most noteworthy cultural outbursts the Psychedelia movement transcended music and had a huge impact on everything from fashion, movies, politics, graphic design and of course lettering and type design. ⁠

Und is our contemporary homage to the music, graphics and type of this era. ⁠

Originally made as a quick uppercase-only display typeface for danish fashion brand Baumundpherdgarten the typeface was just so fun to work on that we decided to further develop it. ⁠
As soon as we started doing the lowercase the personality of the typeface further materialized, which led to us reworking most of the uppercase, adding round corners and overall refining and reevaluating shapes, ultimately making this creature even more playful, colorful and psych. ⁠

Text Implementations

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"Daniel hates acting."
But after a break, he would be seduced anew by a fascinating character, a compelling story, an exciting director.

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