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Italian Plate No2 Mono

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Styles 20
Designer Jonas Hecksher

No2 Monospaced is a wide typeface with a lot of personality. The original look is maintained, but has acquired edge through the sharpening of its endings whilst the mechanical look is increased through the spacing. The monospacing, where each glyph takes up the same horizontal space, is balanced by modifications made on selected glyphs. The letters ‘W’ and ‘M’ have been narrowed, whilst ‘I', ‘L' and the number ‘1' have been “widened” with serifs on the strokes. All together this accentuates the mechanical attributes in the typeface, turning up the nostalgic attitude and retro look.

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"Daniel hates acting."
But after a break, he would be seduced anew by a fascinating character, a compelling story, an exciting director.

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