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Styles 2
Designer Andreas Peitersen & Jess Andersen

FAUX is a three-dimensional, all caps display typeface inspired by old stone carving and engraving techniques, telling the story of superior and pretentious Baroque expressions with its decadent marbling technique. FAUX Orient and FAUX Occident represent two parts of the same typeface, with each named after the way in which the light falls onto the surface of the carvings. By placing FAUX Orient on top of FAUX Occident, you are able to form fully outlined glyphs. Also, to achieve a more playful expression, you can also use both FAUX Orient and Occident in two different colours.

Choose style: FAUX Orient

"Daniel hates acting."
But after a break, he would be seduced anew by a fascinating character, a compelling story, an exciting director.

Latin – Basic


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Punctuation – Basic