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Styles 18
Designer Jonas Hecksher

DuNord started out as a bold display family but has now grown into a full blown typeface family, ranging from elegant thin to the more intense black – totalling 9 weights including italics. Balancing elegance and coolness, it brings personality into a wide range of designs: From advertisement billboards to magazine headlines and book covers; from printed posters to digital performance. In its essence, it is a modern and elegant typeface with funky details. A smooth and rounded look with crispy details give it an elegant appearance with a hint of groovy attitude. The classic look and feel, with its bold heritage, is related to Franklin Gothic where the slanted details on n, u, m, and h add a significant and jazzy blue-note feel to its expression.

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"Daniel hates acting."
But after a break, he would be seduced anew by a fascinating character, a compelling story, an exciting director.

Text Implementations

Latin – Basic


Numbers – Basic


Punctuation – Basic