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What exactly does the 50€ cover?

When you purchase a font you pay 50€ for one weight and one user license, which means you can use the particular font for everything imaginable. If you are more than one user you must purchase a multi-user license.


 Go to End User License Agreement for further information

How do I install my font?

INSTALLATION ON MAC OS X: When the font software has been succesfully downloaded to your computer, you can double click on the font file, and you will see the font in a seperate window. Press “install” and the font will automatically install in Font Book ready for use.


INSTALLATION ON WINDOWS XP: When the font software has been succesfully downloaded to computer, you can double click on the font file and you will see the font in a separate window. Press “finish” and the font will automatically installed ready for use. The fonts will be saved under “Control Panel”. If you are using the Classic View, select “Fonts” and if you are using the Category View, select “Appearance and Themes” and then select “Fonts.”


INSTALLATION ON WINDOWS 7: When the font software has been succesfully downloaded to your computer, you can double click on the font file, and you will see the font in a separate window. Press “install” and the font will automatically install in Font Book ready for use. The fonts will be saved under “Control Panel”, “Appearance and Themes” and then “Fonts.”


Go to General Technical Details for further information

Can I use Playtype fonts on my website?

Yes, some of the fonts are available as webfonts, but not all. Contact for more details on which fonts.

Playtype is working on a longterm solution with a webfont hosting partnership to offer more of our fonts for web. This will be communicated on our website. But at the moment please, contact us for more info on the possibility of using a specific font for web.

How do I purchase Playtype fonts for multiple license users?

Fonts purchased and downloaded from this site are licensed for the number of users you have selected in your purchase. The basic license is for 1 user, with a multi-user license (MUL) required thereafter. Ordering online makes licensing easy, as MUL(s) are applied automatically (if required) when you enter the number of users, with the price adjusting automatically. With your online order you receive the applicable End User License Agreements (EULAs) for the fonts. It is a good idea to read and understand your license(s) to use the font(s), as use beyond the EULA requires additional licensing. Should you later wish to use fonts licensed by more users than originally licensed, contact us for broader licensing.


More details in the Playtype™ EULA

What is the benefit from multi user licenses (MULs)?

Many don’t know that licensing for multiple users rewards the customer for being honest about the extent of use. Typically multi-user licenses (MULs) are very reasonable, and the more users, incrementally less expensive.

How does font licensing work?

Fonts are purchased with a basic license agreement that allows the font(s) to be used according to the EULA.

How do I extend my licence to allow more users than originally licensed?

This question is typically for professional users. In case you want more licenses we will of course give you the standard discount offered. For the time being we ask you kindly to contact us and describe in details who you are and which licenses you like to purchase and we'll sort it out.

How do I clear my Font Cache in Mac OS X?

This article may be helpful if you are on Mac OS X and are experiencing any of the following issues:

• Fonts are installed but some are missing in applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word, etc.

• Text is either missing characters, or is replaced with incorrect or garbled text.

• Other unexpected issues with fonts are appearing These issues may be resolved by deleting your font cache.   


In Mac OS X, font cache files can sometimes become corrupted. This may occur when a font or family of fonts is reinstalled repeatedly, or if an application has been updated or reinstalled. It may also occur without much warning. In addition to the operating system's font cache files, some applications have their own font cache. Luckily, deleting these font cache files can resolve many odd font-related issues you may experience.


Here's how:

1. Delete the fonts that you have installed. Launch Font Book, select the font or family that you are having trouble with, and press the Delete button on your keyboard. (You may also right-click and select Remove Family.)

2. Download a font cache utility such as Font Finagler, which you can find here. The application is shareware and is free to try, though please consider purchasing a license.

3. Please save any active work in your applications, as you will be asked to restart your computer shortly. Once you have downloaded a font cache utility, open the .dmg file and launch the application.

4. In Font Finagler, click Inspect Font Cache Files. Once complete, you'll be able to view the files that were identified. Select the "All font cache files" filter tab to view all.

5. Click the Clean Font Cache Files button. Once this has completed, you will be prompted to Shut Down or Restart. If all of your work has been saved and applications safely closed, restart your computer.

6. Install the fonts you downloaded once more, using the installation guide. Once your fonts are installed, try running the applications in which you had trouble once more.


Hopefully your issues should be resolved. If you still see problems with the fonts you purchased through Playtype™, let us know and we will resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

When I buy a typeface do I get all the point sizes?

Yes. A digital typeface scales to all point sizes, even fractional point sizes, like 10.4 points. You can specify the point size in the application in which you are using your fonts. Note that some typefaces are suited for small points and others for larger - even so - it's your typeface, you decide.

When are Lining figures crucial?

Lining figures derive from Oldstyle figures. They represent a modern style with all figures at a common size and position and even height as the uppercase letters (but sometimes smaller and lighter than the capitals). Today, most fonts use these as default. Lining figures sit on the baseline as opposed to oldstyle figures that appear at different heights and positions. They optically align along a height line and the baseline. The best applications are business reports, forms, tables or any place where alignment is crucial. Lining figures are also known as regular numerals or titling figures.