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Font name: M Stencil Client: Volvo Cars Mobility Year: 2019
M is about moving freely, meaningfully and sustainably. It is a service that cuts away the unnecessary and emphasizes what really matters – freedom. M is a smart car sharing initiative that gives you access to cars with the flexibility to go wherever, whenever. Exploring the best way to give people freedom and flexibility they asked for a typeface that sets a different visual scene than usually associated with cars. The new brand is all about changing and challenging the usual. Their internal design team choose a selection of Berlingske Sans & Serif typefaces to follow the visual identity and asked for a bespoke display version with a stencil expression.The new take on car accessibility is supported visually by an airy and elegant stencil based on the proportions and look of the accompanying Berlingske typefaces. A contrasted look that has been modified with selected cuts for a more transparent and edgy style.