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Font name: Generation Amazing Client: Generation Amazing Agency: e-Types Year: 2021
Generation Amazing is a movement that revolves around one common goal: using football to empower our youth and improve our world. Their vision is to use football to establish skills that empower the new generation while supporting less privileged communities around the world. They operate under the philosophy of ‘passing it on’, a reference to football terminology. ‘GA Display’ is a highly legible geometric design, tracing back to the rich type tradition of the 1920’es. The typeface has been treated with details that visually connect the logo, typeface and the story of Generation Amazing. The ‘GA Display’ typeface’s characteristics really come into play in the lowercase g, e and n. The typeface also features angled terminals of the stems in a, d, m, n etc. to reference the Generation Amazing logo, while adding an element of movement to the typeface. In addition to the Latin script it also comes with full Arabic language support which also features angled terminals and vertical cut-off on various glyphs.