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A custom made typeface is an exclusive design product that comes out of skilled craftsmanship. Playtype believes in distinct and unique typefaces as the main ingredient in strong, modern visual identities.

A typeface can be developed to convey the exact core of the brand – just by reading through a few lines, you would be able to experience and recognize the brand. It cannot be copied and is a truly unique design element that connects a brand identity on multiplied platforms.

Creative collaboration is an important part of the process for Playtype when developing a custom font. We have many years of experience on close cooperation with both the customer directly and/or with the agency. Start-up meetings to verify needs and wishes — and get the brand DNA under the skin together with a creative workshop, where we together with the client explore and investigate different kind of directions.

For further information, please contact Type Manager Annemarie Friislund

  • Novozymes The bespoke typeface for global biotechnology company Novozymes is based on the original Novozymes logo and a new business and brand strategy 'Partnering for Impact'. Because of the strategic 'partnering' position the typeface is natural, open and friendly in its expression. It has distinctive features to ensure brand recognition and to stand out from competitors. Because it's built on the logo it makes it possible to communicate the very essence of Novozymes on everything from internal office documents to global campaigns. The Novozymes family is light, regular, italic and bold.
  • Skagen A bespoke typeface was a vital element in the new visual identity for the wristwatch and an accessories brand Skagen Denmark which is a part of the global brand and design manufacturer Fossil Group, USA. The aim was to capture the characteristic Scandinavian Style and express the Danish Tradition within the brand. The inspiration was found in the essence of Skagen itself.
  • Medic Extremely high legibility for specific use on medical labels. Extended ink drops make it legible even on tiny labels for vials that are used in the operation theaters.
  • SHL Corporate typeface for the successful international architectural practice, SHL.
  • Georg Jensen Inspired by the Georg Jensen jewelry — pure and simple — the typeface is designed with extraordinary "white space" giving it a Georg Jensen minimalistic feel. The typeface is built of classical proportions refined for header and body text purposes in ad campaigns and catalogues.
  • ID00 Sans & Serif A typeface made for an innovation lab inspired by the constant drive towards new ideas. All terminals and finials are cut in different angles, the shoulders are skewed making words lean slightly forward — driving towards something new constantly.
  • DKT Made for the Royal Danish Theatre. In its expression there is a humane element — small details are slightly tilted or off — creating personality, warmth and humor. By virtue of its different values, the font can span both very classical and very modern expressions. It is inspired by classical Egyptienne typefaces.
  • Politi Contemporary square style of sans typefaces developed for the Danish National Police. Designed with irregularities such as the ear of the twostorey-g surpassing the meanline following the curved strokes of all letters. Especially the capitals show the rectangular, minimalistic feel.
  • DI Sans & Serif The serif font is classical and the sans is open and modern — in combination the two fonts reflect the identity of the client, DI (Danish Industries) into its smallest components.
  • Nouvel Made for Danish Broadcasting Corporation. The stencil typeface is a minimalist stencil drawn from the world of architecture, where it is well known on building sites and especially by the architectural grid of the concert hall by Jean Nouvel.
  • eRepublic Made for Polish Rzezcspospolita newspaper. 27 different styles enabling the designers of the newspaper to use typography as a strong characteristic feature. Polish words are very long and contain many consonants. In order to keep long words from taking up too much space we have narrowed the typical combinations of z, y and w and extended the many polish accents.
  • Willumsen Modern in its look the 'Willumsen' typeface is inspired by the Engelhardt expression — Danish type design tradition. The font is made for display, signage and body text at the Art Museum dedicated to exhibit the Danish Painter J.F. Willumsen.
  • Press Made for daily newspaper Dagen. 'Press' is ideal for editorial use with 34 custom-made typefaces inspired by traditional wood-carved types and Mies van der Rohe's modernistic architectural style of extreme clarity and simplicity.
  • Milton Made for Danish Film Institute inspired by film noir poster design from the early 1940s to the late 1950s.
  • VIPP The 'Vipp' typefaces were developed to fit perfectly to the logo, and in that way express the essence of the brand in every letter typed from packaging to marketing material and on the products themselves.
  • SuperBrugsen Made for supermarket chain, SuperBrugsen. The typeface was designed in three styles and with three separate families of numbers. One family of numbers for regular use, one for use in ads and promotions where the prices have to be more 'loud'. And a third set of numbers specifically for tables in annual reports and other forms of financial reporting.